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Development Pipeline

Source BCI Australia, DistrictData
Update Frequency Monthly

Development Application Projects that have had an application lodged with a council and are awaiting a decision. Appeal Lodged Projects that have their development application currently under appeal and awaiting a decision to receive development approval. Development Approval Projects that have received development approval and are yet to begin construction. Site For Sale Sites that are currently advertised for sale. Under Construction Projects that have commenced construction and are yet to complete.


Source APM PriceFinder, Major Listing Platforms, SQM Research, DistrictData
Update Frequency Live (Market Information), Monthly (Vacancy Ratees, Quarterly (off the plan listings)

Off The Plan Listings Off the plan apartments, townhouses, house and land packages and vacant land currently advertised for sale. Vacancy Rate Rental listings that are advertised for three or more weeks are considered vacant. This is compared to the total number of dwellings available for rent in a suburb to provide a vacancy rate. Unit to House Price Ratio The median unit sale price over the previous twelve months divided by the median house sale price over the previous twelve months. Median Sale Price The middle sale price of all settled transactions over a twelve month period. Number of Sales The number of settled transactions over a twelve month period. Days on Market The average number of days all settled transactions were advertised prior to selling over a twelve month period. Advertised Price The middle advertised selling price of all current listings. Median Weekly Rent The middle advertised rental price per week of all current listings. Rental Yield The middle rental price per annum divided by the middle sale price over the previous twelve months.


Source Department of Land Water and Planning, DistrictData
Update FrequencyMonthly

Zones Division of land by municipalities into areas within which various uses are permitted. Overlays Identifies special provisions in addition to those in the zone. Contours Topography of the land. Easements A right held by someone to use land belonging to someone else for a specific purpose (e.g. drainage, sewerage, carriageway easements). Bushfire Prone Areas Sites that are more likely to be exposed to the affects of bushfires.


Source Australian Bureau of Statistics, DistrictData
Update Frequency Five Years

Median Age The middle age of a population. Age Distribution The range of ages within a population within groupings of ten years. Average Number of People Per Household Mean number of people living in a single dwelling. Average Number of People Per Bedroom Mean number of people living in a single bedroom. Household Composition The type of household that lives in a dwelling (e.g. couple family with no children, couple family with children, one parent family, other family, lone person and group). Structure The physical structure of the dwelling (e.g. Separate house, semi detached/townhouse and apartment). Tenure Whether the household owns outright, mortgages or rents the dwelling in which they live. Number of Bedrooms The number of bedrooms in each occupied private dwelling. Unemployment Rate Classifies all individuals over the age of fifteen years old who are not currently employed and are looking for full time work, looking for part time work or not in the labour force. White/Blue Collar White Collar are those classified as managers, professionals, clerical and administrative workers and sales workers. Blue Collar are those classified as technicians and trades workers, community and personal service workers, machinery operators and drivers and laborers. Key Industries Top five most popular industries of employment for residents of a suburb. Key Occupations Top five most popular occupations held by residents of a suburb. Key Methods of Travel to Work Top five most popular methods to travel to work by residents of a suburb. Median Personal IncomeMiddle amount of annual income produced by a single member of the household/family. Median Family IncomeThe middle of the sum of the total personal incomes (annual) of each family member. Median Household Income The middle of the sum of the total personal incomes (annual) of each household member. Level of Current Education Number of residents of a suburb that are currently attending education institutions. Country of BirthThe country in which an individual is born. Residence Migration Residents that moved into a particular suburb that lived elsewhere five years ago. Residents Per Square Kilometer The number of residents per suburb divided by the area of the suburb. Estimated Resident Population The total number of individuals residing in a suburb. A proprietary algorithm is used to best estimate the population of each suburb. This translates SA2 annual population figures to SSC (Suburb). Median Annual Mortgage Repayment The middle amount a dwelling spends annually on mortgage repayments.